Steal her style - the get out me car lady

Napier “Open Form” Gold Tone Click It Hoop Earrings - $16 //
NYX Matte Lipstick - $6 //
J.Crew 14k gold circle charm necklace with 18 1/2” chain - $15 //
Rut&Circle Donna Deep Back Singlet - $19 //
L’Oreal Preference Hair Color - Extra Light Ash Blonde - $8.99 //

hewalksoverme lol


none pizza with left beef

It started pouring right before my eyes, how amazing.

Why is pinch to zoom so difficult in iOS 8?
Also, why does audio not play on videos from within Facebook’s browser?

The Birdcage (1996)

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cash or credit, fuckboy

Treating my depression with movies and junk food alone in the dark

I never feel good enough and I don’t know why.

I wasn’t obsessive for the first year, so why am I starting now?

I’m so boring I have no life I have no hobbies and I have no goals I literally hate myself